Thursday, April 28, 2011

spring in Ukraine, take 2

Since I'm pretty close to finishing Peace Corps, it only makes sense to start a blog now... right? I've been lazy with the blog that I half-heartedly set up right before leaving for Ukraine, and sure enough, it's taken me 20 months to write my first entry.

Spring in Ukraine arrived overnight this year, sometime this past week, and it's been driving my students crazy. They can't sit still (I don't blame them), so I have been making my lesson plans less monotonous and less book-focused, and have been making the kids move all over the classroom.

A recent lesson was with a 7th grade group; the theme was "stereotypes." An activity we did as part of the lesson was having the class stand under signs ("agree"/"sometimes"/"disagree") after I read a statement. Only one student stood under "disagree" after I said, "Gay people are bad." She gave her reasoning - "gay people know what they want, and what they want is love." After that, about half of the class changed their minds and stood under the "disagree" sign with her.
So, way to go; I'm very proud of that girl.

That was yesterday; a few days before that was Easter, and Easter in Ukraine is definitely an experience. I was in a small village just outside my site, and my friends and I got up at 3 in the morning to go to church and be blessed with holy water, along with our Easter basket (we filled it with the stuff Ukrainians fill it with - sausage, cheese, bread, chocolate, alcohol of some sort, and of course, Paskha, or Easter bread.)

The next day by the river:

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